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Thanks for Your Interest in Hosting a Player


Thank you for your interest in becoming a host family for one or more El Dorado Bronco players.  Here is some basic background information to consider as a potential host family:


El Dorado Broncos Baseball Season:  Host families should be aware that the season runs from the end of May until the middle of August.


El Dorado Bronco Players:  Bronco players are currently playing at universities and colleges from across the country.  Although the players come from across the United States, they share at least one thing in common - baseball.  This requires discipline and dedication, and you will find that this translates into college players that are admirable young men.  They are polite, respectful and grateful.  The Broncos play approximately 50 games in 2 months as well as the National Baseball Congress World Series.  While in town, they are expected to attend practice, games and community scheduled events.


Host Family Responsibilities:  

  • Provide living accommodations which include:  a bed, restroom and in-home laundry facilities.

  • Access to meals/food in the home when the player is not traveling.

  • Participate (if possible) with your player and his family during family weekend.

  • Players must be able to come and go from the home according to their game schedule (i.e. arriving home very late from an away game)

Transportation is NOT a host family responsibility!!


Benefits of being a host family:

  • Get to know a potential major league baseball player

  • Good family entertainment

  • Role model for host family children

  • Get to know the players and families from all over the country

  • Lifelong friendship

  • Help make it possible for the El Dorado community to have a summer collegiate baseball team.

  • Costs associated with hosting a player are tax deductible


Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if a host family goes on vacation:

Once a family gets to know their player, they often choose to let the player continue to live at the home during the vacation period.  If the family is not comfortable with this option, the Broncos organization will place the player at another host family's home for the vacation period.  You can request that a Broncos Executive Board

member check on the player(s) during the vacation period.


When do players arrive and how long do they stay?

As a rule all of the players arrive around the end of May, however, some players have commitments to their college teams that bring them in later.  The players stay until the Broncos either win the NBC World Series or are eliminated (early to mid August).


If I don't want to be a host family, are there other ways I can be involved?

Absolutely.  The Broncos are always looking for volunteers during games or during the off season to help with fundraising and other activities.


Do all the players have their own transportation?

Not all players bring their own vehicles, but most do.  Those who do not are placed in host familiy situations where there is another player either living close or in the same house.